This 12 minute film was shot during one weekend with the only outlaw motorcycle club in Australia which is not affiliated with an American gang.
This weekend was the beginning of a 6 week period of filming. The Club, which originated in Newcastle, was celebrating its 30th anniversary. The film was commissioned as a way to create a document about its australian working-class history and its status as the best and wildest bunch of bike riders in the southern hemisphere. While having been allowed to hang with them, I was obviously never meant to be “allowed in” so I approached the story as you would a wildlife documentary. When filming the Club in numbers, such as during their rides and parties, we did so from an observational distance. We told the stories of the Club through a series of portraits of its members – all larger than life characters. We accumulated truly amazing images, filmed extraordinary sequences of pure rock&roll lifestyle and played with a dream casting of real tough guys. But by the end of the shoot, accumulated tensions erupted and the whole project fell apart. In true outlaw fashion, this unique story has become “cult movie” material and the rushes have remained stored, hidden, somewhere in some bank vault on the Gold Coast or maybe in a greasy shed in Blacktown. I still hope that one day it will come out of hiding!