This documentary was part of a 5 part series filmed around the world for ARTE – French/German television. MEFA Film produced the Australian episode.
We were asked to find a young Australian chef who worked with an ethos closely tied to the land. We found Luke Burgess of Garagistes restaurant in Hobart, Tasmania. Luke works very closely with the producers of the food he cooks with, every morsel being of the highest quality. He spends each morning foraging for foods to include on the evenings’ menu and he has become world renowned for his spontaneity and originality in the kitchen.
We carefully researched the characters who would appear in the film (see our gallery from the research trip/reperages) – all passionate artisan food producers who formed the team that Luke considers as indispensable to his highly creative restaurant experience. We took great care to respect Luke’s wish to not be front and centre stage in the story.

Producers in Australia MEFA Film | 2nd camera Jules Ober

Below are several extracts from the film

As the restaurant serves only local produce, the menu is highly seasonal. So Pierre-Jacques and Jules made parts of the film without the director, Philippe Allante, who flew in for the main shoot in spring. Here is the winter sequence, filmed by Jules Ober, where truffles are collected by the Garagistes team.


The final sequence of the film was made by Pierre-Jacques and Jules in the summer. They had the generous support of Robert Heazlewood of Brand Tasmania, who supplied the helicopter and an aerial cameraman, whilst Pierre-jacques and Jules were on horseback in the thick of the Wagyu beef muster. What fun!