We returned to Fraser Island, this time with Parisian photographer Veronique Durruty for Kenzo Ki.
This shoot was an amazing experience and full of challenges. We again worked with Narda, our florist extraordinaire, whose job it was to float 100 lotus blossoms, each with a tiny light inside, around our model who needed to appear to be standing on the surface of the lake. Each morning our little crew would cross the deep sand tracks of the island to arrive at the location before dawn. We worked by lamplight to position our blossoms and model so that as the sun rose and the mist drifted across the lake, everything would be perfect for Veronique to take pictures.
After a hearty lunch and a little midday pause, we would return to setup for a sunset shot.
By the end of 5 days, we had lots of beautiful material and had formed great friendships with our crew. The last evening was memorable (as you will see at the end of Jules’ ‘making of’ slideshow below) as our music caught the night air and Narda’s assistant gave us a wonderful fire show, mirrored in the lake.

Line production and casting Pierre-Jacques & Jules Ober, MEFA Film | Press book photography Jules Ober