France Television commissioned Philippe Allante to make a film for the series ‘Les Routes Mythique’. Philippe contacted MEFA Film and Pierre-Jacques got to work crafting a 3 week itinerary which would see he and Philippe cover 3600 kilomatres  across Australia from South to North, from Adelaide to Darwin.

Knowing that the only places encountered along The Stuart Highway were road houses and a few tourist spots, I designed an itinerary which led us to discover what life is for the people living on either side of the highway – sometimes 100 or 200 km away from the main road. The film I researched and wrote was about life ” off the beaten highway”.

We travelled light, yet were totally independent and able to “survive” in the bush for days. I drew a lot from previous adventures I had with my young family during the first few years in Australia. This gave me the opportunity to go back to Aboriginal land west of Alice Springs, to the remote communities famous for their painters where I had spent a considerable amount of time in my early days in Australia.

It was also the opportunity to offer Philippe a unique “insider” experience for his first encounter with this fascinating country.

Production in Australia by MEFA Film  |  Written, filmed and co-directed by Pierre-Jacques Ober, MEFA Film.