Produced for France 3 Television’s program ‘Faut Pas Rever’ (Global Village on SBS), this film was made at the same time as The Desert Angel. A time of great difficulty for filming in the outback, due to a once in a generation flood event.

Once again we found ourselves cut off in a very remote place. They were trying conditions, but this kind of situation in fact suits the purpose. To immerse oneself in a reality, to live in isolation with the people working there, to feel the conditions as they do.

To find this place and this shearing crew was a challenge. I had first to understand how the whole industry works and then find out who was coordinating the seasonal crews of shearers. I then made my way, phone call after phone call, from the top to the ground level. The important thing was to make sure we would be welcomed into a working place at a very busy time when pressure is high for all involved. In the end, it was another experience rich with the generosity and kindness of the hard working people of Australia’s outback”.

Production in Australia MEFA Film | Written, co-directed and 2nd camera by Pierre-Jacques Ober