“We had been commissioned by “Faut Pas Rever” (Global Village) to do a portrait of Trevor Wright, the owner and founder of Wright Air, a small aerial company based in William Creek near Lake Eyre. The day before our arrival Trevor was rushed by air to Adelaide’s hospital after being bitten by a very poisonous spider. Just before losing consciousness he called me and said “do a portrait of my chief pilot instead”.

To add to the drama, all the roads to William Creek had been cut off by heavy rains, so we could not drive to the location. The ‘Red Centre’ of Australia was flooded. Trevor’s chief pilot was to pick us up at Coober Pedy to fly us to William Creek. We waited in suspense, not knowing who we’d be making the film about. Out of the plane came a young woman, Talia Sheppard.

We spent a week with her. This was the busiest week she had ever had as a bush pilot. She was single handedly managing Wright Air and had 3 times as many missions to fly to rescue stranded station owners and their families from the flooded area. Despite having to deal with the demands of a film crew, she never lost her cool. And it turned out to be a really nice little film!”

Production in Australia, 2nd camera and sound | Pierre-Jacques Ober, MEFA Film