“A road movie on foot … taking the time to immerse ourselves in a landscape, in people and their stories, sleeping under the stars, going back to forgotten basics.
A case of directing first, then editing and only then producing …
We found enough money to pay a crew of 3 during 4 weeks. We went for the ride and shot a film along the way.
I worked with Murray Lui, lover of chicken Twisties and one of the more talented DOPs in Australia. He had a great time with the magnificent landscape surrounding us every day.
This extract is the pilot I edited from the footage shot during the adventure. It attracted a pre-sale from the ABC and the 52minute film was able to be completed and broadcast.
My fondest memory ? To have taken on the job of camel-jockey so as to film the races from the inside and to have been the first and only frenchman to make it to the finals of the famous Desert Sands Cup …”

Produced by Pierre-Jacques and Jules Ober | Directed by Pierre-Jacques Ober, MEFA Film